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way hey portal emailYou have a voice that wants to be heard. Whether it is through writing a story, sharing your art, creating your business, performing your songs, or parenting in a different way, your unique voice / story/ mind might be wondering when it’s going to get its chance. Okay, it might even be nagging. Endlessly. That’s the problem with a novel mind – it really wants to heard. 

Novel Minds is here to support you, because we really care that you get to hear your inner voice and live it.

What’s here?
Resources for Whole-Brain thinking:
Right-Brain thinkers, innovative, and creatively inclined person. Writers, artists, entrepreneurs, adventurers – this is for you.  Is it time to engage that whole brain in creating your life, career and projects?
And for those of you who’ve shown up here, doubting that right-brain of yours, but curious about finding your way to think differently, you belong here, too.

As unique thinkers, we have spent a lifetime in systems that do not support us. How could they? We are that smaller percentage that just doesn’t think like the others.

This means, though, that we’ve spent a lifetime being shown how to fit in. And we’ve spent a lifetime feeling like we don’t fit. Sure, we’ve worked hard at managing in a left brain world, and we’re okay, but, as a result of all this, there’s something missing…

We tend to not give our unique mind and our unique voice the credit it deserves. We don’t use it to its full potential. We haven’t learned to make decisions, make changes, and move forward by engaging it first.  The novel part of our minds is often forced into the back seat, despite it having our best answers. And we are stuck, getting nowhere we want to be, listening to that pain-in-the-butt, part of us that says “No” and “You’re not good enough” a lot.

A bit like being in a rudderless ship, don’t you think?

Not anymore! Not here!  Here is where you get to know that unique mind of yours, be that novel being that you are, and bring that wisdom into your life. Here’s where you get to:

  • write that book  (Won’t that feel awesome?)
  • finish that project
  • change that career
  • feel so much better about who you are (This is the one that sets the sails)
  • dance, draw, sing, play, go sailing….  well, you get the picture.
  • know your best way to manage difficult times

Don’t worry, your left brain will sigh in relief as it gets to support your new found brilliance. You’re going to feel like the captain of a Tall Ship, on course, with the skills to manage any storms.

Here’s what’s in the works at Novel Minds, some ready to go, some a little haphazard as we figure out technical ways to make things work best.

  • Professional Life and Creativity Coaching
  • Novel Minds Hangout
  • Resources galore for novel-minded people
  • Novel Minds Signature Course with a wildly imaginative toolkit
  • Imagination Workshops in a T-shirt
  • Of course, a Blog!

For those wondering… my longtime coaching site, Musings and Mud,  now gets to be where I share my art and written works now. Have a peek?



Janet Whitehead is a certified professional Life and Creativity Coach
an award-winning community builder, author and artist, occasional tall ship sailor.
She is also a great mediator for the two sides of your brain and
she thinks humour, play, and imagination are invaluable!

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