Creative Strategies for Living Your Life Well.

You have a voice that wants to be heard and an inner wisdom that can guide you.

Whether it is through innovative thinking, written or visual arts, creating your business or parenting in a different way, your unique voice / story/ mind might be wondering when it’s going to get its chance.

Okay, it might even be nagging. Endlessly. That’s the problem with a novel mind – it really wants to heard. 

What if… you had the creative tools, knowledge and support to make living your life, with your novel mind leading the way, more do-able, imaginative, and well, dare I say, fun?  (Believe me, that creative mind of yours ignites with a little fun!)   

And what if you have a guide who is trained and experienced as a life and creativity coach, who has extensive life experiences, some very difficult, but who knows the power and wisdom of the creative mind to both heal and lead?  What if your guide has lived the magic of the creative process in such a wild way that she had to write that book?  

You have a voice that wants to be heard and a life that wants to be lived well. Have a peek around Novel Minds. Or contact me and we can chat. Perhaps Novel Minds is the space that can support that brilliant unique mind of yours and the voice that wants to be heard.


Here’s where you get to:

  • feel so much better about who you are.
  • take action on the plans and dreams that seem so hard to get to but, in fact, are much simpler than you currently can imagine.
  • change your career
  • give your book, your art, your creative pursuits the time and energy they deserve.
  • discover your magic
  • know your best way to manage difficult times.

Empower that right brain of yours, and don’t worry,  your left brain will sigh in relief as it gets to support your rediscovered brilliance. You’re going to feel like the captain of a Tall Ship, on course, on a great adventure, with the skills to manage any storms.  Or, given the new little red bird theme of Novel Minds – you get to be totally cool with being that bright and beautiful red bird who is not like the others.

Here’s what you will find at Novel Minds:

  • Professional Life and Creativity Coaching
  • Resources  for novel-minded people
  • Novel Minds Signature Courses with a wildly imaginative toolkit
  • Imagination Workshops in a T-shirt … wait, what?
  • Of course, a Blog!

For those wondering… my longtime coaching site, Musings and Mud,  now gets to be where I share my art and written works now. Have a peek?

Janet Whitehead is a certified professional Life and Creativity Coach, an award-winning community builder, author and artist, occasional tall ship sailor. She is also a great mediator for the two sides of your brain and she thinks humour, play, and imagination are invaluable! Her latest adventure is creating and curating Writerly Kits – a subscription box designed to support writers, emerging writers, and wanna be writers.
And Janet knows the magic, the real magic, that we can connect to by honouring our creative process.


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