The Tall Ship Metaphor

The Tall Ship Metaphor

A Tall Ship, well captained and crewed is an extraordinary metaphor for how to live life well.

I know this because I’ve trained as a sailor on a Tall Ship. It was a dream come true. You can have some of those too. I teach creativity, and it’s not just about paint. It can get you on your tall ships.

Oh, and my lifelong fascination with doodling and painting Tall Ships, led to a pretty extraordinary scenario of creative events that likely saved my life. Literally.  You can have more of that creative magic, too.

Besides all that, phrases like ‘the wind in your sails,’ ‘uncharted waters’, ‘your ship has come in,’… they are nice visuals for those of us wanting to take our lives, and our projects up a notch or several, don’t you think?

Artwork: Stained glass by the stunning artist, Cindy Hayden

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