A three part, minute or less each, activity for your novel mind!

Part 1: Without thinking too hard about it, name a character you love from a book or a movie.  (This was the first post of the day on Novel Minds on Facebook. People responded, then I added the second and third post. If you want to have a similar experience to those I’m sharing here, take a few seconds to answer each part, before going to the next)

Person 1  
One of my favorites…ET!

Person 2   
Atticus Finch


Part 2: What are the qualities of that character that makes that character one you love?

Person 1  

Ah, there are so many! His compassion, curiosity and willingness to discover things that are surely very different from his own home and world! Not only a botanist, but an explorer as well! I love everything about him!


Person 2  
He has integrity, leads by example, willing to stand alone for the right reasons, sticks up for the disenfranchised. Parents well.
Many reasons. Plus, in the movie he was played by Cary Grant… hello!
Part 3. Characters you love are mirrors of you. Read what you wrote about why you love that character and notice how much YOU are like that character. Any aha moments about this? Thanks for playing!!!
Person 1
Aha! We both love the “Super” Moon! This was really fun! And of course the timing was perfect!


Person 2

Wow. Wasn’t expecting that. I humbly own it though.
 ~ ~ ~ ~

I know… you likely didn’t get to try this right now as you read this. Even though you know the final part, you could still give it a try? Pretend you don’t know this is all about you!  I’d love to hear about your favourite character! (which, is also you, by the way!)



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