Beyond All Imaginings

Janet L Whitehead

A memoir of a time when the creative process and devastating grief became magic:

“… It’s about smashed fingers, smashed dreams, smashed faeries and the value of throwing up your arms and saying “whatever.”

It’s about impossible things being possible and Rolling Stones playing on unplugged radios…

This is the true story of my life: The tragic loss of loved ones and the heart-wrenching grief; the magic of faerie-like beings showing up in my clay, on my pages, and in my home – which they did very much to my dismay, at least at first.

And now, the faeries insist on blowing themselves up.

This is the story that blurs your boundaries between reality and fantasy and leaves you wishing you could find your way into my world, albeit without the tragedies. As you can imagine, this has not been a simple story to write. Hell, if it were fantasy it would have been easy… but this is my life.”

Beyond All Imaginings is available in print or kindle version here

Personally signed copies also available by contacting Janet    This is currently my favourite thing to do – signing and sending copies seems to be full of more inexplicable synchronicities than I could have even imagined!

Author’s Bio
As a child, Janet Whitehead knew that she would be a writer. Following that path, she has written and illustrated children’s books and short stories, published playful and empowering self- discovery workbooks, been a regular contributor to a parenting magazine, and specializes in the power of creativity and the written word in her coaching practice. But the idea for a novel didn’t happen until she realized the most bizarre story she could share was her own. A life full of tragedy, and even more full of magic, led her to finally write her first novel, ‘Beyond All Imaginings.’ Janet is currently working on her next creative memoir, ‘Clewless with a Touch of Salty’; the recent story of how Tall Ships – both real and imagined – saved her butt during another strange time in her life.

Beyond All Imaginings is available in print or kindle version here

The Demise of Noshud Hafta

Written and illustrated in clay by Janet L Whitehead
Published 2009.
This well-received and sold out project is currently on my “Seriously, Janet, republish this treasure” list.

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