Six hours with Janet can get you travelling the world. By the next month. Yes, that’s happened.

Also happened: An extraordinary writer published her first novel in 18 countries and 12 languages. What an experience to be Lisa Stromme’s coach as her novel, The Strawberry Girl, was completed, submitted to agents, and took off to literally travel the world!

Or, here’s the most important discovery through coaching: Being happier and feeling stronger and more confident no matter what life is handing you – THAT’s the big one.

Janet is honoured to have also witnessed and supported…
~ A construction worker feeling like low man on the site, turned internationally noticed artist in just six months, to still working on site but co-workers constantly finding scrap metal, interesting mechanical objects, weathered wood… anything to support their now famous artist co-worker in his creative pursuits.
~ the evolution of an extraordinary musician as she pursues her career.
~ Accountant turned gifted intuitive turned writer.

There’s many more great stories. Sure, some are simpler, but equally empowering for each client. Janet has been coaching professionally for 10 years and witnessed many great shifts for her clients.

What makes Janet’s coaching unique? Her clients are unique. They have those novel creative complex minds that are crying out to be accessed to their full potential. In our world of left brain logic and media-driven images of success and society’s ongoing attempts to make us all ‘fit in,’  well, my clients have lived in a state of quiet rebellion, without the tools to fully engage that brilliant mind and soul.

And here at Novel Minds, there’s no limit to the tools, unique brainstorming, wild ways to make things happen.

It doesn’t take a lot to kick things in gear. It just takes finding what works for you. And because we are talking about engaging the whole brilliant brain; playfulness, creativity, and using the power of imagination (like Einstein!) are part of the process.

Learning to ‘feel’ what is right, and kicking in the power of your intuition and emotional guidance system, all play a role.

So what does that mean? It’s fun!  Really. This is not your usual build-a-rigid-timeline, check-off-boring-to-do list, get-past-those-horrible-barriers-like-pulling-teeth kind of coaching.

People are extraordinary with inner resources that surprise them. Especially, you who wants to be ruled by your creative mind and intuitive heart.  You who also wants that wise, yet stubborn, left logical brain to support the process.  You’ve found the right place.

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