There’s treasures within you to discover!

Why coaching?  If you want to be the best you can be in sport, you get a coach.  Ditto for your life. Coaching supports you as you reinvent your life, your way.  You’ll become unstuck, enthused, motivated and feel good about yourself as you move forward, for the long term. Coaching is not like an inspiring workshop that is soon forgotten. What you discover through personal coaching stays with you for life.

Imagine: You will finally stop being so hard on yourself and be empowered by what you discover about yourself and your extraordinary abilities.  

What makes Janet’s coaching unique? Her clients, for one. They have those creative complex minds that are crying out to be accessed to their full potential. In our world of left brain logic and media-driven images of success, plus society’s ongoing attempts to make us all ‘fit in,’ her clients have lived in a state of quiet rebellion, searching for their best way forward.  Coaching helps make that happen quickly.

Why choose Janet?

Janet Whitehead is a certified professional coach. (details here)  Yes, she is a writer, an artist, and a bit of an adventurer, but her calling, her best skill, her training, and her expertise is in professionally coaching people who are searching for a way to get where they really want to be.

This is Janet’s passion. As a result of many years of coaching, Janet has developed an original process – the Novel Minds Signature process. You’ll discover there’s no limit to the tools, resources, unique brainstorming, and extremely effective ways to support you as you make things happen.

All it takes is finding what works for you. And because we are talking about engaging the whole brilliant brain; playfulness, creativity, and using the power of imagination (like Einstein!) are part of the Novel MInd process.

Learning to ‘feel’ what is right, and kicking in the power of your intuition and emotional guidance system, all play a role.

So what does that mean? It’s empowering and fun!  Really. This is not your usual build-a-rigid-timeline, check-off-boring-to-do list, get-past-those-horrible-barriers-like-pulling-teeth kind of coaching.  That’s why coaching at Novel Minds works for those of you with novel minds!

The Coaching Process

Explore: Create and clarify your vision through

  • powerful questions
  • intuitive listening
  • creative techniques
  • removing barriers and ‘shoulds’
  • accessing soul whisperings


  • your strengths, gifts and passions
  • your best options
  • your resources
  • what really matters to you

Set Sail:  Be empowered by

  • actions inspired by knowing you are on the right course
  • accountability by choice
  • your successes
  • being happier, feeling stronger, more confident and capable no matter what life is handing you.
  • knowing you will retain these new skills for life.

Coaching Works: True Stories

~ Six hours coaching over six weeks, and the next month a young client was in the Far East to begin her world travel. She has never looked back at the office job she thought she would be stuck in for years before she could live her dream.

~ An extraordinary writer published her first novel in 18 countries and 12 languages. What an experience to be Lisa Stromme’s coach as her novel, The Strawberry Girl, was completed, submitted to agents, and took off to literally travel the world!

(Want to read more stories?  Testimonials.)

People are extraordinary with inner resources that surprise them. Especially those of you who want to be ruled by your creative mind and intuitive heart. You, who also wants that wise, yet stubborn, left logical brain to support the process.  You’ve found the right place.

Ready to get started?  Here’s our packages. Simply contact Janet to book or learn more.

Silver Treasure ~ 4 Session packages:

A. Four weekly sessions: includes 4 one hour session by phone or skype, email support and text check-ins as needed. Your investment – $ 340 per month

B. Bi-weekly package: includes 2 one hour phone calls per month by phone or skype, email support, and text check-ins as needed. Your investment – $170 per month (minimum booking is two months)

Gold Treasure ~ 3 month package:

12  one hour weekly sessions by phone or skype.   The ‘Gold’ includes email support and text check-ins as needed.  This is the ideal method of support through transitions and the most common practise for booking coaching.  Your investment –  $920

Clients who have completed 4 sessions then have the opportunity to continue email check-ins and can book coaching on an as-needed basis if their project or goals require additional support.

Just for a moment, consider: If  you do nothing, what happens?

  • You keep feeling stuck, you keep drifting
  • More doubt seeps in telling you you don’t have what it takes
  • The past haunts you and nothing much changes
  • The yearning to change, to make more of life, continues to simmer but a part of you gives up.

My wish is for you to find something within Novel Minds (or elsewhere.. anywhere…)  to keep you from ‘doing nothing.’  You deserve to feel good about yourself now and about where you are heading!

Not sure if this is a fit for you, but curious?

Coaching is an investment – you want to feel good about making this decision. I am happy to have a phone call with you to help you decide if coaching feels like the right fit for you.  No obligation, no pressure. That’s just not what I do.  Send me a message and we can arrange a time to chat!

Contact Janet to get you started!


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