•  You are multi-passionate, rather curious, and sometimes overwhelmed creative being.
  • Your mind is processing a billion ideas at any given moment.
  • You consider yourself an expert at procrastination and an epic failure at getting the things done that matter most to you.
  • And even when you are getting things done… the conversation in your head is often about being  ‘not good enough.’

Is all of this ringing some bells?  Oh yeah.

It’s not a traditional nor easy place to be.  Supposed to’s, shoulds, traditional to-do lists, linear timelines… they are just not you.  Trust me, there’s nothing wrong with you.

And you are not alone, though often it feels like you are.

Things that make you go “Finally! People who get me!”…

We’re creating space for a kick-ass community of like-minded people who want to feel more connected, want to take their life up a notch, want to finish their damn book, or move into a career more suited to who they really are, or who simply want to create their lives more creatively and effectively.

All made simpler when when there’s a community thinking differently and supporting each other.

Eventually, we hope this community evolves to be an escape from the mediocrity of facebook. Where it’s okay to celebrate loudly without worrying about bragging. Where it’s okay to complain or feel sad or hurt, without someone yelling advice and “be more positive.” Where you can share your stories about being who you are and people will ‘get’ you, or at least be very curious about you.

Yeah, we’re getting real here.

Here is where it can be snarky, funny, spirited, thoughtful, and myth-debunking.


We are fine tuning technical details. Hope to have you hanging out with a community of  kindred spirits soon!