Courses, Podcasts, Retreats

Courses, Podcasts, Retreats

Bring a little creative magic into your life!


The Squilax Writerly Retreat is back again this Fall! Save the dates. Final details coming early August. This is a unique and very affordable writing adventure. (I love this retreat sooo much.)

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The Creatively You Show


In cahoots with author and kindred creativity coach, Lisa Stromme, we have created a series of 30 minute podcasts dedicated to inspiring and supporting creative folks.
Topics include how to get past barriers – like perfectionism, overwhelm, doubt, etc. Each podcast includes a discussion about a topic, tools for getting past barriers and, most inspiring, a coaching session with a creative client.

Coming Soon:

For 3 years, we’ve owned and curated a subscription box for writers called Writerly Kits. With shipping and product costs escalating, we have currently paused the kit and are reinventing and reinstating new, curious, imaginative, effective and affordable ways to support creatives.

In the works:

Novel Minds 101  Our Signature Course   –   We’ve all heard the phrase, Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  This applies to thinking the same thoughts over and over again, too.  But how do you shift your thinking? In Novel Minds 101, you will learn a unique and powerful process to shift your thoughts and make the most out of your life. It involves meeting all the characters in that novel mind of yours! Creative thinking and creative play at its finest.

Creatively You– It’s chaos being a creative soul!  Procrastination? Perfectionism? Dishes need doing first? Not good enough? What if I fail? So much can get in the way of  living your life creatively. You’ll sigh in relief during this course as you discover 1. you’re normal for a creative type and 2. there are simple and effective ways to get past the barriers and create both the life and the projects that are calling to you.

The Memoir Project – Time to get that story written? You’ve a story that’s haunting you to tell, but you wonder; Is it worthy? How do I begin? Is there a simpler way to make this happen? (Or maybe: Is my family going to disown me when they see what I have to say?) During this course, you will experiment in a variety of memoir writing styles, discover your best way to make it happen, and have the time and space to get your project rolling.  And yes, telling your story is worthy…beyond a doubt.