Novel Minds Signature Course 

 Use the power of play, imagination, creativity and fun
to discover your way of living your life, working on creative projects, 
going on that adventure, changing your career,
and/or simply being happier now,
no matter what’s going on in life. 

You’ve heard those voices in your head – from the inner critic to the cheerleader and every one in between.  Imagine getting to know and love each and every one.  If they are the crew of your ship, imagine you are the best damn captain ever.

Using creative mediums, imagination, play in our original Novel Mind process, you’ll meet the naysayer, cheerleader, second-guesser, wise guide, and your inspired action characters that live in your novel mind. (These are samplings. You’ll have your own players. That’s part of  the ‘novel’ of you.)

Imagine releasing all the brilliance you already have and feeling braver, bolder, and better about who you are and where you are heading.

During this course, you will get to know them, love them, stop them arguing like siblings, and get them sailing together like a tight knit crew on a tall ship a better portion of the time.

You’ll also get our extraordinary birchwood notebook in advance to support the process!

Novelminds 101 is a lasting lifelong process!  Getting to know your mind in a way that is kind, compassionate, creative and fun not only leaves you appreciating who you are in a powerful way, your novel mind characters will become your ultimate ‘unstuck’ tool.

For years, this creative process has helped Janet’s personal clients find answers, set goals, and sneak past blocks quickly and playfully.  If this feels right for you, here’s the details!


When: Thursdays, 6 – 7:15pm  November 15 to December 6th

What: In advance, you’ll receive our beautiful unique birchwood journal designed especially for this course – similar to image shown  ($40 value)  Registration deadline is October 24 to allow time for producing and mailing your notebook.

Bonus: Early Bird: Register before October 8 to also receive a full set of the Alternate Identity Trading Company cards. Extra imaginative fun you can enjoy during your novel mind exploration.

Course Fee: This is our introductory price:  $140 CDN (Includes the wicked notebook + free shipping in Canada and U.S.)

Imagine Happy

(Register via paypal button below. Please be sure your mailing address is current for shipping your notebook and cards)

Expert support and resources:

Though this site is new, Janet Whitehead’s coaching, courses and communities are not. As a professional coach for 12 years, and a community coordinator for over 20, something very interesting has happened. A process revealed itself that quickly and playfully helps others get where they really want to be. (Think: fun, funny, and quantum thinking kind of ways that don’t bore us to tears) She has been dedicated to developing this process that involves debunking myths, and connecting to one’s own source for the answers in ways that are motivating, inspiring and revealing.



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