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A Collection of Thinking Differently Tricks

A Collection of Thinking Differently Tricks

What I did when I wasn’t updating this particular post regularly as I had intended:  Sometimes we just have to say, “It’s okay you didn’t get a tip done every day, or week for that matter.” Sometimes we have to notice what we have been doing and suddenly we realize it’s okay that you didn’t get to tips for.. umm… two months. BUT THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN UP TO! Check it out?  Writerly Kits

Never before– This week do something you’ve never done before.  Triple dog dare ya.

New story – Tell a different story about a situation. Make up something wild and funny. Here’s how my dirty kitchen was an opportunity for building imagination and shifting perspectives:  novelminds.ca/the-dirty-kitchen-imagination-and-new-perspectives

New answer – Looking for an answer? If your dearest friend had the same concern or question, what would you tell him/her?

Seriously, do this. Don’t sneak ahead  – A three part, minute or less each, activity for your novel mind!

Part 1: Without thinking too hard about it, name a character you love from a book or a movie.


Really, do this before reading on.


Part 2: What are the qualities of that character that makes that character one you love?


Ditto. do this before reading on.


Part 3. Characters you love are mirrors of you. Read what you wrote about why you love that character and notice how much YOU are like that character. Any aha moments about this?
(Head over here to see what happened for others!)

Thinking differently – The Christmas cross-off list. Here’s how to change that list of cleaning, shopping, cooking, and gifting into something way more fun! Leaving more time for the magic of it all. Do tell, what are you going to cross off this Christmas?  Read the technique on our blog HERE

Rethinking Creativity –  What’s the tiniest creative thing you did today? If you think ‘nothing’… think again!

Magical answers –  Think of a question that has been on your mind lately.  Turn to page 87 in the book closest to you.

8 Second Rightness –  In just 8 seconds, you could pause and come up with things that are sooo perfectly right about your life right now. Just 8 seconds to lift your spirit higher.