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Thank you to these amazing people for sharing their experiences with Novel Minds!

“Janet is a lover of the sea. This is good. Because on this writing voyage, the waves get only higher and the winds only stronger and wilder the further you go. It’s tough. Sometimes extremely so. But Janet knows how to navigate these conditions. She does it intuitively and effortlessly, to the point that you just know you are in safe hands, no matter what kind of storm you happen to be weathering. That’s a very comforting place to be as a writer, for it is a lonely journey. I often tell Janet I couldn’t do this without her, and that’s true. As an author, you come to learn that there are a handful of people without whom you simply couldn’t do it. Janet is one of mine. Whether I am sick with nerves before a book launch somewhere, attending an event or an interview, stuck with a plot or a character, at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of a novel, receiving rejections, receiving praise, waiting to hear from agents or publishers, giving up, despairing, or excited to start and bubbling with ideas, Janet is THERE! And it’s not that she necessarily knows what to do in each and every situation, it’s that she always, always knows how to make me see what I need to do for myself. That’s the magic of Janet. She eases the journey to the point that you actually enjoy it! She is my compass and I would be truly lost without her.”
~ Lisa Stromme, Author: The Strawberry Girl. Debut novel published in 18 countries, 12 languages.

When I arrived at your place for my first coaching session , I said that I wanted to write a book. Well, I have two published novels. Thank you, Janet  ~ Mel Van Mol, author – The Crystal Guardian, Widow’s Walk.

Janet’s methods spurred me on to start, finish, and publish the book that had been rolling around in my head for years. ~ Coreena McBurnie, author of Prophecy; book reviewer, curator of Callisto Crates book subscription service.

Excerpt from a testimonial by Michael Topic, of Creative Ideas for Starving Artist. In the full post, he shared his story of how coaching changed his life. Thank you, Michael

“… Janet Whitehead understood me immediately. In her life coaching practice, she had seen people just like me (only uniquely different) all the time and had known how to move them from being stuck toward making changes in their lives that were more in tune with their inner needs and talents. In short, she understood the problem of being highly imaginative and creative, but being stuck in a job that really wasn’t paying attention to those aspects, or utilising those peculiar characteristics in any meaningful way. She nailed the nub of my problem. It was that I was being technical in my work, but not getting to use all of my considerable imaginative, creative and innovative powers.

Beyond diagnosis, what separated Janet’s style of coaching was that she had useful and immediate solutions, which could start to alleviate the frustration and get you to start building the life you needed rather than putting up with the life you already had….” ~ Michael Topic, Creative Ideas for Starving Artists  (full article here)
And this is part testimonial from Michael with a full transcript of Neil Gaiman’s ‘Make Good Art’ speech. Worth the read!

Not only did I love the coaching, but serious synchronicities began entering my life after I began. I had big personal shifts and had amazing abundance drop into my lap. I exercised my creativity with a woman who knows how to access it. During 3 out of the five sessions I had huge aha moments that led me to tears. My own answers came out,with alot of fun games, visualizations, and writing exercises. She is a magical person, and I had a blast “working” with her. I mean “playing” with her! To me, the price of the coaching was so small compared to what she gave me. Her emails between sessions were genuinely helpful and kept the creativity moving throughout the week. I look forward to my next round of coaching. Thank you.  Heidy Claire, Pittsboro, North Carolina

It’s a bit challenging for me to sum up my immense gratitude for Janet’s coaching in just a few lines. Although we have only worked together for brief periods of time, it has had a profound, lasting impact on my life. Having “shopped around” before choosing her services to find out what other coaches had to offer, I firmly believe that Janet is a one of a kind coach, one who truly understands the intricacies of creatively/artistically minded people and who can suggest solutions “outside the box” that are tailored to the needs of the people she helps.

Unlike many other coaches or self-help “gurus” out there, Janet’s approach isn’t about “changing” you or suggesting a “one size fits all” solution, but rather embracing your nature and your own personal way of doing things and finding creative –and FUN—ways to work with them. Someone else in the testimonials said that a coaching session with Janet was better than any trip to a spa: I couldn’t agree more. Coaching with Janet has dramatically increased my levels of inner peace, enjoyment of life, and has allowed me to gain more clarity and focus than ever before in the pursuit of my artistic and personal goals. ~ Christiane, musician and songwriter, Quebec

Personal coaching has enabled me to see my life through new eyes. I was referred to Janet by a friend who, with the help of coaching, was able to make big changes in her life. For me it was to stop the cycle of expecting too much of myself and to step back and look at my life and what I really want from it. Also that I deserve to have a life that I enjoy! With the help of Janet, I have obtained way more balance to my life and have transformed how I perceive it from a 4 of 10 to an 8 of 10 and climbing! Coaching is for when you know there has to be more to life but you want fresh ideas to get there. Janet’s approach to tapping into your creative side to get YOUR answers is very enlightening and rejuvenating! ~ Kristy Janota, holistic entrepreneur, writer and realtor, Kamloops

“Finding a very different way of looking at my illness, and finding powerful ways to lift my spirits throughout, made such a difference for me. I am this much better because I discovered strength and courage and compassion for myself that I did not know I had before. Janet, thank you for helping me find that. You’re more than a coach, you’re like a practical mystic!” ~ Louise M, California

“Everyone should have a Janet in their lives. In fact, she should be made compulsory in schools. Janet is the magical sparkle that reminds us we are children who still want, and need, to play. She is the gentle breeze that whispers us into action, and the gale force wind that keeps us in it. She is so much more than a coach: wise, loving, inspirational, funny. In the time we have been working together I have finished a novel (ahead of schedule) and transformed my inner critics into a crew of friends and supporters. This work is not only valuable but vital to a healthy, happy life. If a bottle of Janet was available at my local store, I would be buying her by the crate load! With much appreciation and thanks, Lisa” (2015) ~ Lisa Stromme, Author. Norway

“This is one of the best things I’ve ever done to discover my ‘Self’. There’s almost a magic feeling to Janet’s sessions that’s left me the most focused, creative and BOLD that I’ve ever been. Thanks to Janet I feel like the magic just keeps flowing and I’m taking fearless steps toward the life that I’ve always dreamed of.” ~ Joey McGarry, Joy Factory Films, British Columbia

I want to thank you sincerely for the wonderful way you took us through this training. It was fascinating, experiential,enriching, exciting and very motivating to action. I feel like a fountain with all my creative ideas ….” ~ Neomi Adar Hoffman, Neve Mivtach, Israel (Muse Group Facilitator Training)

“I’m really happy and thankful that I was smart enough to start working with you so I could always pay attention to what matters to me in life” ~ Laurie Perry, HR, Smithers, BC

I was referred to Janet when it became clear I needed an artist outlet for my battle with chronic pain and illness. I first saw Janet for coaching where she made me aware, through powerful conversations and counseling, of things I probably knew but needed someone to guide me there. She introduced me to my ‘creative self’ and showed me that I am more than this constant pain. After taking 4 coaching sessions I took part in her Creative Muse course which gave me the tools and enlightenment to be creative-be damned the consequences! The course was great. And it was so valuable for me to get out of the house to spend time with other people who needed and wanted the same things. I completed the Muse course and then participated in the 1st Annual Muse A-Fair where others who had completed the course could show the community (and themselves) their creativity in any way they wanted. It was a truly amazing and life changing event. I can never thank Janet enough for introducing me to my ‘creative self’, my artistry and for being there for me through this journey of self-discovery.

Updates: Interest in Rachel as an artist skyrocketed, including, “OMG, Look what happened now! I’m in a magazine! I couldn’t have done this without you!” and “Have I mentioned lately that I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you Thank you!” ~ Rachel Kilback, Kamloops BC

Dear Janet,

Empowering. Enchanting. Energizing. These are the first words that pop to mind when I think about the Muse Group Facilitator training. You and Jill lead this program so beautifully, and it has far exceeded my happy initial expectations. I came away with not only tools and practical tips for leading groups, but also a more nuanced appreciation of my own creative process, and a new confidence in being able to help others get in touch with their own true-true creative callings. I so enjoyed the easy rapport of our weekly calls—and the online Renegade Muse Group community is such a bonus. It’s an ongoing source of support, inspiration, and wow.

I am passionate about celebrating the imaginative Modern Day Muses as a path to more world mojo. More understanding. More fun. More satisfaction. Thank you for sharing your tremendous experience, resources, wisdom, and whimsy. How lucky I feel to have been sprinkled with your joyful faerie dust of possibilities and delightful new paths.

Deepest thanks and heart sparkles ~ Paula Farrington, Bahamas

“We’ve rocked my world, girl! I can not believe that in one (creativity consulting) session, we came up with such a revolutionary plan! (don’t put what it is in the testimonial. LOL) I didn’t think it was possible to create such a mind map over the phone but the connections were crazy! The whole call was inspiring. I I feel so good. And you are brilliant!” ~ Malian P, U.K.

As a clay artist, I struggle with typical “artist’s issues”.. lack of focus, self-confidence, and marketing skills.Janet has helped me to identify my deepest wishes, plan my priorities, and to write a clear, personal, and exciting artist’s statement. I am currently working towards a solo show. I’m confident about creating the work, but I’m so glad Janet is there to get me through the rest of it!~ Bonnie Keats, Kamloops, BC   Update: Bonnie hosted an extraordinarly successful solo show, and her works were accepted in a Chicago Gallery.

Group Courses and Training:

“BEST course I’ve ever taken! The insight and FUN that I gained impacts all that I do and All that I share.” ~ Danielle Gomez Quintanar, Pasadena California

You have no idea how much you’ve helped me to follow my dreams. Thank you for making a difference for the better in my world… (and ps… I’m not the only one that feels that way) ~ Jewelz (Julie Ann) Lien, Rockerville, South Dakota

Thank you for the workbook, Happy Revelly After. I printed it today and just in time too! As I was opening the file, a friend of mine asked me what my resolutions were. Seconds earlier I would have I really hit a brick wall with my answer. Normally folks don’t understand my refusal to take on resolutions, but this document confirms my true feelings. I am so glad we met Janet, it is wonderful to find like minded people who understand my “out of the box” attitude. ~ Una Connor, Kamloops

What I loved about the Creative Muse Course:

  • I looked forward (as in was compelled and addicted to) reading the assigned chapter each week and doing at least one of the exercises.
  • I absolutely lovedddddddddddddd creating my own Muse.
  • I absolutely know that I will never ever not do my creative process ever again.
  • I know now that this is MY PASSION and it is either do or die….
  • I attempt to do a little art each day.
  • I feel good that I know I can Kaizen it.
  • The course certainly is not your normal everyday way of thinking.
  • I love the spiritual side put into it.
  • I feel so blessed to have a mentor in Janet.
  • Creative Muse Course AND Muse Facilitator Training

~ Muriel Miller, Kamloops BC

Thank you, Janet, for putting together the muse groups. You really help bring out the magic in all of us. I am always amazed how good we all feel at our get togethers. You are a very gifted guide. Thank you, also, for helping me along my journey. I could nay done it without you!!!!  ~ Byron Steele aka “Marvin Strange”
NOTE: in one year from starting coaching, followed by the creative muse course, Father of four, Byron wrote 1.5 novels, created sculptures as Marvin Strange of sTrAnGeLaNd and had his work shown in Bizarre Magazine, UK. He and his co-hort photographer Scarlet (aka wife, Sarah) hosted their first exhibition, have work selling in a local gallery and collaborated with 17 others on the soon to be infamous Muse A-Fair Event. Byron also trained and is certified as a Muse Group Faciliator)

Here’s to women whose musical voices sing directly to the soul, awakening the creative force within; to teachers with boundless compassion who can gently lead past the scariest of blocks. Here’s to Janet! Thank you for an amazing class. The Muses on their own are wonderful; you teaching them was priceless! ~LIz Connors, Burbank, CA

Well, it’s getting frightfully close in travel departure time. I am like a little kid about it! I must express my gratitude for your encouragement and support to help me recognize and achieve this dream of travelling. And for your passion, intuition, intelligence and honesty. Janet brought to our coaching sessions; intuition, a keen and acute interest, genuine love for the work, an ability to make one feel right at home, spiritually, very balanced feedback, extreme creativity and imagination, kindness, foresight, strong understanding, zest and vitality for life, magic. She is a jewel who allows for your personal growth free of criticism or judgement. I looked forward to each session and knew it would open my eyes and heart and give me a lot to study. Everyone should take coaching from Janet. She is so open and understanding, concise and clear-seeing. And now I’m off on a long-term travel adventure…~Zander Cox , Vancouver, BC

Update with permission: Zander has published his first book of poetry, started his own business giving him the freedom and flexibility he desires, and had an extraordinary travel adventure in Central America.

About “Rekindling Imagination” Playbook: “…I’ve already connected one boring thing to a fun thing. Just did the washing up (I insist on doing it by hand!) dancing! It works, it works. As a creative coach and great lover of creative language , I love what you do and the way you do it.” Jenny Debode, Holland

We all benefited greatly from the workshop – in terms of team building but also managing stress by ensuring the fun remains in our space.  ~Leena Niemela, Thompson Rivers Unversity

Not only do I recommend a Life Coach, I recommend Janet Whitehead for any entrepreneur, home based business or consultant. There is no better way to ignite the passion in you to dream big, go forth and conquer. She’ll help you channel what’s important for your business, personal or creative life and inspire you to make the necessary steps to move forward. An hour with Janet will revive you better than any holiday or spa.  ~ Niki Remesz, Owner, Marketing Consulting Business

In our six week session, I hoped to make decisions about what I really wanted to be doing with my life. With coaching, I planned where I wanted my life to head and then set goals to achieve on how to get there and also took action on these. I went out and quit my job the day after our sixth session, bought a plane ticket and am now flying half way around the world to follow my dreams!!!  Thank you for everything!!! I really do appreciate it and I know you will do well in your life coaching career!!!  `Written on a plane to Asia. ~Ashley Leighton, Kamloops BC

A synchronistic series of clicks brought me to Janet Whitehead at a time when I truly needed direction. I quickly opted to try the free consultation to see if it was a fit. The confused author/illustrator in me needed help, and to my delight the one hour session resulted in at least ten different action steps for me to take to help manifest my goal of getting my work published. How could I not think of something as simple as actually writing query letters to publishers and agents? Filled with playful ideas meant to ignite my spirit Janet brought clear direction that included little side trips of celebration. It’s been just eight weeks since my first consultation and I am happy to report that I am about to contract with a large agency believes in my work. Thanks to Janet I’m on my way!I look forward to each contact with Janet, I feel I have someone who can see clearly past the murk of my mind chatter and direct me while having fun.

Tamra L Vielleux, Maine USA

Wow. All I can say is wow. …as I read through the book, (Happy Revelly After) I did become aware of my way of thinking. People do tend to look at resolutions as a set-up for a disaster. I made one to give up junk food and I already fell off that wagon. As I kept reading, you really stuck a chord within me and I began to cry. You write with a lot of wit and humor and I did chuckle a few times but I began to have revelations about my own life.

I’m going to share your book with my husband and my mother-in-law and maybe, 4 or 5,000 other people who need a revelation. Seriously, you opened my eyes to a lot of things I have been struggling with. It’s not a “new year” thing. It’s a “new me” thing. I’ve got to learn to focus on the good stuff I do and on the good person I am. And I think that’s why this has really hit me so hard because I have been struggling with so much stuff lately.

I truly believe God sends angels at certain times in our lives and you came just at the right moment in mine. I really enjoyed reading through the book and I believe it is a tool I will refer to from now on. You can keep the ants though…lol. I also felt the material was very readable and self-explanatory. I think so many people will benefit from your wisdom.

Thank you again. You really are a dynamite person.   ~Deb Berna

Thanks for being there to be the guide and teacher, friend and cheering section!!! The stuff you say is so good.. I’m amazed most of the time. I feel a respectful awe come over me in your presence..and then I am in awe of my own understanding and growth. You are a true giver of ones own strength and talents. Sifting through it all I’m finding my way. Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you… Ellen B., Kamloops

On Creative Muse Group Course:  “The Creative Muse Group”. What a wonderful name for ‘us’. We have indeed become more creative with the help of the muses; not in any one particular artistic endeavour but in our enjoyment of each other and the appreciation of watching ‘us’ develop our talents of observation. We have watched each other reach the “Aha!” feeling when suddenly a new idea hits or the realization that an old idea, once unsolvable, has suddenly become solved, without apparently trying. When we first met we were a little shy with each other, gradually learning about, and appreciating, with pure enjoyment, the intelligence and humour coming to the surface. Janet has been molding this group into one unit of admiration and delight, one for the other. She is, indeed, magic.   ~ Kathleen Charlton, Kamloops BC

When I started working with Janet we made an agreement that she would coach me for 12 weeks, the experience I’ve had with her support I can describe it in just one word MAGICAL! During the first sessions she helped me get clear and set some goals to achieve in 4 weeks, one of those goals was to manifest $2000 dollars without knowing at that moment where they were going to come from, during the last 4 weeks a new business opportunity show into my life and I was inspired to promote my new business doing a course and exactly the 4th week I had the exact number of participants on the course that added the $2000 to my account. I’ never before was able to create that amount of money in my first month in a new business, and that was all for me, no extra expenses….

So next session we celebrated and I told her if this happened, let’s ask for a bigger goal, she walked me thru some processes to discover and align my goals with my values, today is 3 weeks after that session, and things have flow so easily towards those goals, and I’m so excited that in just 2 more days I’m going to see a long time dream finally come true!! I can’t wait for Saturday that I know this event is going to change my life, or better said, working with Janet has changed my life already and that’s why I’m just one step from one of my ultimate goals being satisfied, if this happened to me in as little of 10 weeks, I’m really looking forward to see what happens on our next series of 12 sessions! Victor Espejo. ~ Mexico

She is a Lifecoach and damn good at it. I would recommend her to everyone!!! Who couldn’t use an uplifting, magical, knowledgeable, supportive person in their life that helps you get to that next level?!   From fearful to unstoppable,  ~Nicole D. Kamloops BC

“Wow! I don’t know how to put it any other way. Janet Whitehead is an amazing life coach. I have made more progress and have felt more supported while working with Janet than I have at any other time in my life. It is truly incredible what miracles are beginning to take place in my life. I have the deepest gratitude for Janet and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in changing their life for the better.” ~Donna Crawford – Los Angeles

Working with you Janet has been really wonderful experience. I have felt support and clarity from your words and the energy you exude so obviously radiates directly from a clear heart. Your connection to yourself and your wisdom is palpable and I look forward to all the breakthroughs we will continue to have in the months ahead. I just want to thank you for everything I have learned and experienced during my time with you. ~Ashalee Soet ~ Chicago, IL

Janet is filled with love, kindness, magic and wisdom that allows her to do a beautiful dance with her client. With her keen listening skills she waltzes her clients right to the center of the room where she allows them to explore new dances and new insights. She does this ever so gently and is like the ant moving the rubber tree plant. No coaching request is beyond her magic and the results and forward movement is phenomenal. Thanks Janet, for taking me on a wonderful dance and using your magic and wisdom to allow me to see myself in a new and exciting way. With Janet as your coach, you have all you need to reach your highest potential.  Jackie Cruse, Tampa, FL