About Janet L Whitehead

Janet Whitehead~ Professional Certified Life Coach – ICA 2007.  Training accredited by ICF.

~ Master Creativity Coach  – KMCC 2010.

~ Owner and curator of Writerly Kits – a subscription box service that supports writers, emerging writers and wanna be writers to get their ‘damn book, done.’

~ Recreation, Community and Arts Coordinator – 1987 – 2007

~ Published author: Beyond All Imaginings.
The Demise of Noshud Hafta
Musings and Mud Workbook Series

~ Recognized artist and art instructor: Pottery, watercolours.

~ Tall Ship Sailor: Nov 2013, July 2014

~ Recognized by the Mayor’s Gala for the Arts in 2012 for contributions to building community in the category of Artistic Innovation in the Arts

~ Expertise in coaching writers, creatives, innovative thinkers and adventurers – to both build their life to support their projects, complete and publish written works, artwork, or become tall ship sailors.


The Linkedin – style Bio
(For the even more curiouser of you, the -all-about-me bio is below) :

Janet is a creative, innovative and strategic thinker who has the experience, education, resources and intuitive nature to help others get past barriers and limiting beliefs to create healthy perspectives and achieve inspiring goals. She provides support for individuals and organizations to put ideas into actions that work.

Janet has an extensive toolkit of unusual and creative techniques that quickly engage people to gain clarity and get moving on their most empowered path. Mindmapping, truly unique brainstorming, guided visualizations, playful metaphors and the power of extremely small steps are examples of tools that get people past procrastination, doubt, and fear and into inspired actions.

With a rather interesting life story, Janet’s many experiences – from wild adventures to tragic losses, including healing from breast cancer and from being a potter to a writer to a painter – help her to better understand each person’s unique story and motivating factors.

Most recently Janet trained as a sailor on the tall ship, Lady Washington. As she furled sails aloft, swaying over the open sea  she knew:

Nothing is impossible. Nothing.


Training and Experience:
Professional Certified Coach with expertise in supporting creative and adventurous people (you rebels!) to make changes and to live life well, their way.

Specializes in life and creativity coaching for writers, performing and visual artists; course development and facilitation; community building. Solopreneur for 9 years.

 ICA Professional Coach Certification:
Trained and certified in these areas: transition (major life changes), wellness and life balance, spiritual coaching, executive coaching, and business building. (ICF accredited)

Master Certified Creativity Coach:
Trained and certified through Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching.

27 years experience in Recreation, Leisure, Event and Community Management with a strong focus in the arts, children, youth, special needs and community development.

Creativity Trainer for coaches internationally.

Engaging speaker and workshop facilitator. Unique learning opportunities include learning the powertools of visualisations, creative thinking and creative actions that contribute to finding answers, setting and achieving goals, healing

Written works; Pulblished books, workbooks, blogger, and regular columnist for Kamloops Momma Magazine.


If you are like me, you are curious…

You’d like to know more than the ‘Linkedin” version of About Me. After all, you are considering important opportunities for your life. So here’s some more details and past experiences…perhaps it will help you see how I came to be so passionate about what I do now and how that can help you.

20 years experience as an arts and recreation coordinator (Recreation and Leisure Mgmt Degree) includes: facilitated the building of a tournament skate park, implemented numerous large events from BC Seniors Games to conferences to large scale youth events to being involved in various Arts events to coordinating up to 80 programs and staff per session.

  • Touch for Health I and II Certificates, Reiki Level 1.
  • An advocate for and builder of communities – from youth to non-profits to creative people to creativity leaders.
  • Certified Water ski Coach.
  • Published author of “Beyond All Imaginings” – a creative memoir, children’s storybooks, and a series of self-discovery playbooks.
  • 24 years as a clay artist and 12 years ago added watercolour to her art palette.
  • Artwork has been shown in various shows, including a solo show in 2006, group show in Chicago 2008, and a solo show in the Cube, Kamloops Art Gallery 2009. This show was held in conjunction with the publication of her book, “The Demise of Noshud Hafta” illustrated in clay. Collaborative shows: The Muse Affair, 2010, 2011, 2013. The Treesmiths 2014.
  • Has led many workshops in self- development, youth awareness, imagination, creativity, and art since 1980.
  • My life experiences are many, from having lived in the Middle East to having a number of losses in my family, from being president and coach of the Water ski Club, to being a dedicated mother, and now a grandmother! (Okay, truth? Being a gramanana to four girls is my favourite thing of all) I have had challenging injuries and moved forward successfully to be able to continue her adventures of water skiing, backpacking Turkey and Greece, and playing a lot!
  • Most recently I, and a close family member, have healed from cancer – I am inspired to help others find their best way through difficult times.
  • Adores traveling and has explored many countries and cultures – preferring backpacking, hostels and hiking to package tours and 5 star accommodations.
  • Loves hiking, stand up paddle boarding, water skiing, wake boarding, swimming, downhill skiing, boating, camping.
  • Unusual and successful techniques to reach peak performance in sport.
  • Life long interest and exploration of spirit, the magic of life, and soul given gifts.
  • Intrigued by pirates, tall ships, and faeries…